Welcome to Game face

  • A Body Painter?
  • A Bridal Makeup Artist?
  • An Editorial Makeup Maestro?
  • Acing looks for fashion designers?
  • A Perfectionist at a Photoshoot?
  • Keenly into prosthetics?
  • Or decoding the drag look?
Whoever you are,
Whatever Makeup you’re into,
We want YOU!

There is a huge segment of youngsters, who are passionate about makeup, yet many don’t know whether they have it in them to take it up as a profession as well as the lack of good platforms to showcase their talent.

GAME FACE - A reality digital series aspires to be a platform for young, aspiring talent in the Make Up industry! We aim to provide an interesting and credible platform for young Make-Up Artists to showcase their talent in a reality talent show on Make-Up.

We want to take the knowledge gained from the Make Me Up and channelize it to create a platform for up and coming talent in the makeup industry, giving them visibility and creating better opportunities.

India is a large country and many talented young people are in smaller towns with not enough opportunities to explore vocational careers. This show hopes to not only popularise this industry but also identify the next big names for the coming years.

We are looking for the most talented and promising Makeup Artists in the country to take part in this series, take up exciting challenges and you stand a chance to win will a cash prize along with some amazing opportunities!


Criteria: Above 18 years of age

For recording

  • Record your introduction facing the camera. It should definitely include: Name, Age, City you belong and Profession along with any other information you want to share. And most important how makeup is your passion and why you should be chosen among the best upcoming makeup artist of the country.
  • Language could be Hindi / English or a mix.
  • 5 pictures of your work - must include before & after shots.

Technical Requirement

  • You can use any camera (Above 5 Megapixels preferred). Shoot in landscape mode only.
  • Make sure you record your introduction in a quiet place where the sound is clear and does not echo.
  • A good-lit face always makes a good impression. Try finding a good source of light to record your clip.
  • Do not edit or overlap the clip with any music or color filter.

Audition Form

GAME FACE - A reality digital series aspires to be a platform for young,
aspiring talent in the Make Up industry!

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